Lokalise API v2 Python interface

Official Lokalise APIv2 Python interface that represents returned data as Python objects.

import lokalise
client = lokalise.Client('YOUR_API_TOKEN')
project = client.project('123.abc')

client.upload_file(project.project_id, {
    "data": 'ZnI6DQogIHRlc3Q6IHRyYW5zbGF0aW9u',
    "filename": 'python_upload.yml',
    "lang_iso": 'en'

translation_keys = client.keys(project.project_id, {"page": 2,
    "limit": 3,
    "disable_references": "1"})
translation_keys.items[0].key_name['web'] # => "sign_up"

You can also use OAuth 2 tokens and perform requests on the user’s behalf:

client = lokalise.OAuthClient('YOUR_OAUTH2_API_TOKEN')

project = client.project('123.abc')


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